Ticket Information


With popularity, sale of advance tickets has ended.
(Updated August 3)

With popularity, sale of advance tickets has ended.
In addition, we will sell the tickets on the 2nd floor of the Yamato Civic Gymnasium (ticket office), but please understand that the number of seats is limited.

The information desk about Tickets for today

Yamato Civic Gymnasium
Open 9:00~20:30


Tournament date

August 4 (Sat) and 5 (Sun),2018


Advance sale

1,500 yen(includes tax)

That day

2,000 yen(includes tax)

Free under 3 years old

Sales start date

May 18 (Fri) ,2018

How to buy

Committee for the Promotion of Invitations for Pre-Games Training Camp Sites in Maebashi City for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

Yugen Kaisha Max Pure 2F, 1-7-19, Odomo-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma 371-0847,Japan
TEL: +81-27-210-8575

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Yamato Citizen Gymnasium Maebashi
460-7 Kamisadori-machi,Maebashi-shi,Gunma 371-0816,Japan
TEL: +81-27-265-0900

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